The Lard FamilyEdit

The Virginia City McDonalds is second home to the Lard Family, Virginia City`s fatest family. The site first made an appearence in Beef Stew Is Threataning where Beef Stew has gotten into what is now a heated disagrement with worker Benjamin over the cost of his 25 Big Mac burgers. McDonalds has been mentioned in the series as well as where Beef Stew met his fiance Roxanne when he got stuck inside the Play Place tunnel and had to be fished out with pig grease. It also was metioned to have played a great turning point in Beef Stews life as it was were his father, Beef Patty died on the 4th of July 1985 while enjoyng his 10,000 Big Mac of the year. It is not known weather the Virginia City McDonalds was responsible for the death of Beef Patty or weather he just died due to high cholesteral.


Beef Stew Is Threataning

Virginia City McDonalds