Beef Stew


Beef Stew is Timmy Lardo's older and rather smarter cousin. Beef Stew is 58 years old and is a single. He was first introduced in the episode titled WallMart. His first speaking role was in the episode titled Egypt. Beef Stew's real name is Dan Hopkins. Beef Stew is Dan's stage name when he was rapping in the 80's.Edit


In the series 15th issue `` Big News Ma Part 1`` Beef Stew is revealed to be engaged to Roxanne whom he met while being stuck inside the Mcdonalds Play Place Structure. Beefette, Beef Stews mother first apperead in `` Big News Ma Part 1``. Beef Stews father, Beef Patty ( deceased) died when Beef was 40 while enjoying his ten thousandths Big Mac of the year on the fourth of July. Beef Stew and Roxanne had a baby, Joey Lardo Hopkins. Info on Beef's baby can be seen via facebook.


Wall Mart

Beef Stews Is Threataning


It's A Farting War

That's Just Wrong

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